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Winterizing a Pump

a Pump

Don’t Forget to winterize your pumps


people don’t winterize their pressure washer, more precisely
their pump. Left over liquid in the pump freezes when temperatures
drop, expands, and then causes real damage. So if you want to
get the maximum life out of your pump and don’t want to
purchase a new
pump or pay for pump
repair parts
, following these instructions could save you
time and money.

Whenever storing
a pump for extended periods or between use in cold climates,
drain all pumped liquids from the pump and flush the liquid-end
with an antifreeze solution to prevent freezing and damage to
the manifold or pump. Do not pump with frozen liquid in the

Standard Shut Down

– Flush pump and chemical injector with fresh water.

– Turn off power supply.

– Squeeze trigger gun to relieve line pressure.

– Disconnect Inlet and Discharge Plumbing.

System Flush

– Connect a short 4 foot hose to the pump inlet for units without
a float tank and place the other end of the hose in a container
with 50% water and 50% antifreeze.

– For units WITH a float tank, pour anti-freeze mixture directly
into tank.

– Start the unit and run until the antifreeze flows out the
discharge of the pump.

– Allow unit to go into bypass at least one time to circulate
anti-freeze (release trigger gun to activate bypass).

– Shut the unit off and disconnect the hose from the pump inlet.

– Store unit (do not install plugs in the inlet and discharge

– Cover to protect from severe elements.

Restarting System

– Turn regulator/unloader setting to lowest pressure point.

– Check crankcase
level and purity.

– Reconnect the liquid supply line, discharge line and allow
liquid to flow through pump for 2-3 minutes.

– Check for leaks at all plumbing connections.

– Turn crankshaft by hand initially (this step is
only for BELT DRIVE pressure washer pumps)
. If
free moving, start power.

– Gradually reset regulator/unloader in small increments to
desired system pressure and resume operation.

– Follow your established maintenance cycle or the standard
Preventative Maintenance Check List in the pump service manual.

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ETS Co – The Best Graffiti Remover Videos using Taginator and Tagaway see them (then try them) here

“Taginator..that is how it works. You s   Leave a comment

“Taginator..that is how it works. You spray it on, and let it dwell for a little bit, then pressure wash it off. Simple stuff” Scott Stone

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“I use Taginator with greatest results along with my Hot water Pressure washer.” John Tornabene, PWNA Board Of Directors.

ETS Co – Graffiti Remover Testimonial from Dept of Public Works.   Leave a comment

‘…Mr. Mayer asked the distributor if he could recommend another solution (for graffiti removal) and he suggested Tagaway, something Mr. Mayer said works better (than Scram-It). “I really like this stuff. It looks like it’s doing the job,” he said.’ City of Apache Junction, Department of Public Works’, Maintenance Supervisor Greg Mayer

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