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Some of our products are: Pressure Washers, Waste Water Reclaim Equipment, Industrial Vacuums, Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, Wood & Deck Restoration Products, Graffiti Removal Products, and much more! Our rental fleet includes Steam cleaners, portable space heaters, complete trailer units, and accessories!

Spot Light on TAGAWAY 32oz. Graffiti Remover

TAGAWAY 32oz Graffiti Remover TRIGGER SPRAY BOTTLE. Remove up to 300 square ft. of graffiti off painted & smooth surfaces with 32 oz of Tagaway. Great for removing graffiti off painted and smooth surfaces like painted walls, desks, lockers, bathroom areas, whiteboards, postal boxes and more!

TAGAWAY® graffiti remover, removes graffiti from painted and smooth surfaces and won’t harm most plastics.TAGAWAY® graffiti remover is a water rinse able blend of biodegradable ingredients that make it safe, fast and effective even in below freezing temperatures.TAGAWAY® the world’s best graffiti remover works fast! Simply spray on unsightly graffiti markings and wipe away.TAGAWAY® graffiti remover is non-flammable and V.O.C. compliant.

BIODEGRADABLE GRAFFITI REMOVER for Smooth and Painted Surfaces

This product can only ship Federal Express ground service. We do not ship outside the US.

Customers ordering outside the US please CLICK HERE.

For more information about our Graffiti Removal Products and to see our Graffiti Removers in action, please click below.
Tagaway Videos and Photos
Taginator Videos and Photos

Our Price: $16.54

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Since 1970 Equipment Trade Service Co. Inc. has been providing Industrial Cleaning Machinery, Chemicals and Supplies to Government, Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction, Contractors and Home Owners.


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