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Some of our products are: Pressure Washers, Waste Water Reclaim Equipment, Industrial Vacuums, Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, Wood & Deck Restoration Products, Graffiti Removal Products, and much more! Our rental fleet includes Steam cleaners, portable space heaters, complete trailer units, and accessories!

Spotlight on AR(Annovi Reverberi ) Bolt-N-Go SJV3G27D-F7 3 GPM @ 2700 PSI – 3/4″ Hollow Shaft


AR(Annovi Reverberi ) Bolt-N-Go SJV3G27D-F7, D Version 3/4″ Hollow Shaft great for most 5 and 5-1/2 hp gas engines with straight shaft! For parts just enter any part number on this breakdown in our search box for pricing and availability. SJV PARTS LIST

Oil Capacity = 4.5 oz, Maximum Fluid Temperature = 140° F, Inlet Thread = 1/2”M, Discharge Thread = 3/8”M

SPECIAL NOTE: Use only AR64545 (click link to view/purchase oil) for the XJ/SJ/BK Series pumps only: Do NOT change oil. Use oil only to add if low. This oil is a specially formulated synthetic with special additives for the demands of the XJ, SJ and BK pump series. No other oil is factory approved for these pumps, and could result in pump failure.


MANIFOLD: High strength forged brass for long term use.

BOLTS: Three 10mm grade 8.8.

PISTONS: Ceramic coated stainless steel for longer pump life in harsh environments.

CRANKCASE: Precision die-cast, large cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation. Sight glass, fill and drain plugs.

BEARINGS: Angular contact ball bearing stabilizes the crankshaft and one thrust needle bearing absorbs the plunger load and assure long radial plate life. All of the thrust plates are made of heat treated hardened steel for extended life.

VALVES, SEATS, AND SPRINGS: Stainless steel with specially designed Ultra Form cages provide extra long life and positive seating.

SEALS AND V-PACKINGS: Continuously lubricating for extended life.

UNLOADER: Built in to optimize performance while reducing setup time. Integral trap pressure, fixed or adjustable chemical injector.


AR(Annovi Reverberi ) Bolt-N-Go SJV3G27D-F7

List Price: $524.94

Our Price: $258.63

You save $266.31!

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