AR240 Electric Cold Pressure Washer, compare to Home Depot and Lowe’s   Leave a comment

AR240 Electric Cold Pressure Washer, compare to Home Depot and Lowe’s

The AR240 ANNOVI REVERBERI Electric Cold Pressure Washer is the perfect consumer pressure washer for everyday use. Compare the price to the Home Depot and Lowe’s consumer brand models, and you will see its well worth the price. ANNOVI REVERBERI‘s AR240 is built with the same care and longevity that all annovi reverberi pressure washer pumps and accessories are! They are built to last!!!

•Total Stop System – power to the washer is controlled by the trigger gun

• Upright design with ergonomic top handle at a good height

• Trolley with integrated wheels for easy moving

• Soft grip handle

• The built-in accessory holder allows you a quick access to the accessories and lets you store everything right

• A safety lock prevents the trigger from accidentally engaging when not in use

• Bonus Turbo Nozzle to double cleaning efficiency, granting you high impact and wide cleaning coverage


  • * Rated Flow: 1.5 GPM
  • * Working Pressure: 1088 PSI
  • * Max Pressure: 1750 PSI
  • * Universal electric motor 120 Volts, 60 HZ
  • * Motor Size (W): 1400
  • * Pump Material: Aluminum
  • * Automatic Start/Stop
  • * Inlet Pressure (PSI) 15-140
  • * Power Cable w/ Plug (feet) GFCI 38.06
  • * Textile Hose: 18.04 feet
  • * Quick Coupling Gun/Hose/Machine
  • * Adjustable Spray Hose
  • * Foam Sprayer

List Price: $204.46

Our Price: $149.00

You save $55.46!

Equipment Trade Service Co. Inc.has been providing Industrial Cleaning Machinery, Chemicals and Supplies to Government, Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction, Contractors and Home Owners.


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