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CAT Pumps – 10 Frame Piston Pump

Standard Brass CAT Pump Models 623,820,1010
Stainless Steel CAT Pump Models 621, 821,1011
Pulse Pump Manifold CAT Pump Models 625,825,1015


Superior Design:

Triplex Uniflow design provides continuous forward liquid flow for smooth operation.
Wetted cups and floating pistons are lubricated and cooled by pumped liquid for long cup life.
Mechanically actuated inlet valves give strong lift and easy prime.
Oil bath crankcase assures optimum lubrication.
100% wetted seal design allows pumped liquid to cool and lubricate for longer life.
Quality Materials:
Cylinder and sleeve wear surfaces are hard chrome plated 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and abrasion resistance.
Chrome plated, brass manifolds and optional stainless steel manifolds are strong and corrosion resistant.
Special high strength TNM connecting rods offer superior bearing quality strength.
Chrome-moly crankshaft gives unmatched strength and surface hardness.
Oversized crankshaft bearings with greater loading capacity mean longer bearing life.
Easy Maintenance:

Stepped stainless steel piston rod with chrome plated, stainless steel sleeve allows easy replacement from front of pump.
All wet-end wear parts are easily serviced without entering crankcase, requiring less time and effort.
Wear parts are available in convenient kits.

For complete CAT Pump Breakdown of these pumps CLICK HERE.

For the complete CAT Pump Service Manual for these pumps CLICK HERE.

Shop for CAT Pumps Click Here.

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