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General Pump EZ Series 44

EZ Series 4040G General Pump

• Standard SAE J609 gasoline mounting flange for

up to 13 hp engines

• Forged brass manifold with an exclusive lifetime

warranty and 3:1 hydrostatic rating

• Die-cast, anodized aluminum oil-bath crankcase

• Innovative one-piece plunger design to eliminate

water entering crankcase

• Premium roller bearing

• 5% reduction in crankcase load compared to

standard 3,000 PSI, 15 mm pumps

• Unitized stainless steel inlet and discharge valves

• Available in “L” left-handed versions

General Pump Model EZ4040G

Maximum Volume 4.0 GPM 3.5 GPM 3.0 GPM

Maximum Discharge Pressure 4000 PSI

Maximum Pump Speed 3400 RPM

Maximum Inlet Pressure 125 PSI

Maximum Inlet Vacuum 3 ft. water (2.6 in. Hg)

Plunger Bore .512 in. / 13 mm

Plunger Stroke .512 in. / 13 mm .433 in. / 11 mm .374 in. / 9.5 mm

Crankcase Oil Capacity 14.0 oz.

Maximum Fluid Temperature 165o F

Inlet Port Thread 1/2-14 BSPP-F

Discharge Port Thread 3/8-19 BSPP-F

Shaft Diameter 1.0 in. / 25.4 mm

Weight 20 lbs.

Dimensions 8.8” x 9.7” x 6.5”

General Pump Model EZ4040G

List Price: $503.34

Our Price: $387.32

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