RMW2G24 AR (Annovi Reverberi) Pump   Leave a comment

RMW2G24 AR (Annovi Reverberi) Pump

RMW2G24 Vertical Shaft AR (Annovi Reverberi) Replacement Pump!

Inlet & Outlet come out in the FRONT of the engine (spark plug end)

RMW2G24 Specifications for AR (Annovi Reverberi) Replacement Pump:

* 2400 PSI MAX

* 2.0 GPM

* 7/8″ Shaft

* Oil Lubricated

* Adjustable PSI

* Chemical Injector

* Thermal Relief Valve Included ! !

* Hose connection is 22mm x 14mm (will not fit 15mm pressure hoses)

* Pump Shaft Key included


Depending on your Pressure Washer model, you may need to get three new mounting bolts to mount theRMW2G24 AR (Annovi Reverberi) Pump to the engine.

Below are the most common bolt sizes needed to mount your new replacement pump to the engine:

– 5/16″ 18 x 2 1/2″ (Qty. 2)

– 5/16″ 18 x 3 1/2″ (Qty. 1)

Most pumps are only designed to last for approximately 50 hours of use. This RMW2G24 AR (Annovi Reverberi) Pump is designed to last for 300 + hours of use.

List Price: $243.26

Our Price: $156.74 RMW2G24 AR (Annovi Reverberi) Pump

You save $86.52!



Equipment Trade Service Co. Inc.has been providing Industrial Pressure Washer Cleaning Machinery, Chemicals and Supplies to Government, Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction, Contractors and Home Owners.


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