AR – ANNOVI REVERBERI RSV4G40H-F40 Pump   Leave a comment


The AR – Annovi Reverberi RSV4G40H-F40,


  • MANIFOLD: NEW high efficiency design concept. Patented forged brass for strength and no porposity for long life and higher hydrostatic pressures
  • BOLTS: Eight 6mm grade 8.8
  • PLUNGERS: Ceramic coated stainless steel
  • CRANKCASE: Precision die-cast cooling fins and anodized for maximum heat dissipation
  • BEARINGS: Oversized for maximum life and load disbursement, needle bearing on the drive side and ball on the non drive side. Each bearing is held in position on the crankshaft and crankcase by snap rings. this assures positive alignment and centering of the connecting rods and crankshaft in relation to the crankcase, it also eliminates the crankcase from floating
  • VALVES, SEATS AND SPRINGS: Stainless steel with specially designed ultra form cages to provide long life and positive seating
  • SEALS AND V-PACKINGS: “V” style (D-1) buna-N strong and tightens under load
  • OIL SEALS: All are constructed of Buna-N riubber
  • PLUNGER RODS: Stainless steel construction for strength (no plating to scrape off) o-ring plunger sealing system
  • CONNECTING RODS: One piece special alloy aluminum and bronze based, oversized for maximum strength, load disbursement, and life. Heavy pin area construction for added load strength

Specifications for the AR – Annovi Reverberi RSV4G40H-F40,

  • 1″ gas flange hollow shaft
  • Built-in adjustable unloader
  • Maximum flow: 4.0 GPM 15.1 LPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 4000 PSI 275 BAR
  • Minimum Horsepower: 15 Gas
  • Maximum temperature: 140F
  • Plunger: 15mm
  • Oil Capacity: 16 oz
  • Inlet thread: 1/2″ FPT
  • Discharge thread: 3/8″ FPT
  • Weight: 14 lbs.

List Price: $518.28

Our Price: $398.82

CLICK TO ORDER the AR – Annovi Reverberi RSV4G40H-F40

You save $119.46!


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