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Since 1970 Equipment Trade Service Co. Inc. has been providing Industrial Cleaning Machinery, Chemicals and Supplies to Government, Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction, Contractors and Home Owners.

Some of our products are: Pressure Washers, Waste Water Reclaim Equipment, Industrial Vacuums, Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, Wood & Deck Restoration Products, Graffiti Removal Products, and much more!

Our rental fleet includes Steam cleaners, portable space heaters, complete trailer units, and accessories!

We also offer road & shop service to repair most pressure washers and parts are available for ALL pressure washers!

Our unique BULK DETERGENT DELIVERY PROGRAM is praised by our customers who use our detergent products to save time & money over the use of Drums. See our Services page for more information.

We are a member of CETA (Cleaning Equipment Trade Association | http://www.ceta.org), PWNA (Pressure Washers of North America | http://www.pwna.org) and PMTA (Pennsylvania Motor Truck Assn. | http://www.pmta.org)


In 1997 the City of Philadelphia’s upstart anti-graffiti Task Force asked us for a better graffiti removal product.. so we made Tagaway and Taginator the world’s Best Graffiti Removers just for them. When Philadelphia continued using our products by the truck load, as they still do, we knew we had two graffiti removal winners!

Market Expansion

In 1998 we offered distributorships of Tagaway and Taginator primarily to companies in other cities who offer pressure washing and steam cleaning equipment and supplies. We selected this distribution profile because their product line and know how make them a one stop source for our customers Graffiti Removal needs. Once their cities graffiti teams caught on, we knew we had the best graffiti removal products on the planet.

Currently Tagaway and Taginator Graffiti Removers are now in stock for your use in roughly to 120 cities throughout the USA Canada and Mexico

Working Forward

We thanks the many cities, counties, towns, community groups, contractors, property owners and others have used and are using Tagaway and Taginator Graffiti Removers for their ongoing graffiti control. We estimate our satisfied customers number in the MANY THOUSANDS, and we look forward to developing on going relationships with many more new customers. Our goals are to provide them with the best delivery of the highest quality products and support.



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