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LANDA SLX- SLT Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Only Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer

that Delivers 200°F Cleaning at up to 10 GPM

Dual-Gun Ready

Powered by Gasoline

or Diesel; Diesel-Heated

Belt-Drive Landa Pump

with 7-Year Warranty

3/4″ Schedule 80 Coil

The LANDA SLX- SLT Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer is Pre-plumbed with 3-Way Valve to bypass float tank when drawing water directly from an auxiliary tank.

Has Extra-large Heating Coil made ofcold-rolled, 3/4″ Schedule 80 steel pipe with 5-year warranty; features Stainless Steel Top Wrap; unique lift-out design for easy and quick Coil Access. SLX-SLT Hot Pressure Washer also comes with a Rugged 2″ x 4″ x 1/8″ thick box steel frame, with compact footprint, shields key components; further protected by weather-resistant Epoxy Powder Coat finish; Power Platform is vibration isolated to minimize frame stress.

Other SLX- SLT Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer Specifications are Water-resistant, metal Control Panel has adjustable thermostat, combination hour meter and tachometer, volt meter, burner switch and tri-lingual operating instructions for added safety. ®Manufactured To Cleaning Equipment Trade Association Performance Standards Cleaning Equipment Trade Association Performance Certified TM REGISTERED SLX. Adjustable Detergent and Steam Valves provide precise metering of soap and on-demand wet-steam cleaning.. Industrial-duty tri-plunger Landa Pump designed to run atlow RPM for long life,7-year warranty, with single-rail true-track Pulley Adjustment.

The LANDA SLX- SLT Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer also Comes with Gasoline-powered Vanguard and Honda Engines, or watercooled, 16‑27 hp diesel Kohler Engine all come with keyed electric starter for easy start-up and protection against unauthorized use; polyurethane Battery Box with vibration isolators protects and firmly secures battery (battery not included).


When it comes to heavy-duty grease or grime, most high-volume, hot water pressure

washers fall short with their 150°F water. Landa’s SLX, and smaller SLT, are the first power

washers ever designed to deliver a high-volume flow at 200°F water, hot enough to melt the

toughest of oily messes. The SLX delivers enough hot water flow—up to 9.5 GPM—that

you can operate two spray guns at the same time!

Other benefits include:

QUALITY: Packed with Landa quality throughout, the SLX and SLT feature a top-of-the-line,

belt-drive Landa Pump with 7-year warranty and low RPM for extended life, as well as a giant

Schedule 80 heating coil, made of up to 300 ft. of 3/4‑inch steel pipe with 5-year warranty.

DURABILITY: Extraordinarily rugged frame is made of 2-by-4-inch box steel with an

all-metal power platform cushioned by 10 vibration isolators to minimize frame stress.

EFFICIENT: The SLX-SLT is heated by a high-efficiency Beckett burner with dual rings

for dial-in air flow. The 3/4″ heating coil is amazingly efficient due to its unique “breathing”

design so it heats quieter while promoting optimum heat exchange.

FUNCTIONAL: The SLX-SLT has a remarkably compact footprint, is certified to UL-1776 safety standards, is pre-plumbed for drawing water from an auxiliary

tank, has six forklift guides for portability and the control panel is ideally positioned for curb access when the unit is mounted on a trailer or truck bed.

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